Saturday, January 26, 2008


Welcome to Questions of Taste!

This is my second endeavor in the wine-blogosphere. My first, Students of Wine, detailed my introduction to the wine world following my 21st birthday. It allowed me to clarify and crystallize my changing perspective on wine, to record my excitement at an epiphany, and often to vent my frustration at the complexity and imprecision of the wine world.

Now it's time for a new direction. I no longer feel the need to keep a detailed record of the minutiae of each tasting experience, though I do keep notes on the wines themselves in CellarTracker. In this blog, I will include notes for exceptional, or thought-provoking wines, but the main focus will be in-depth explorations of difficult questions about wine. I hope these questions spark fruitful discussion and debate among readers, but most of all, I want to share my love of wine, how it brings people together, how it leads to both intellectual and poetic discussions, how it has the potential to create an air of romance in this modern world.

Thank you for reading!